BitFuel Documentation



BitFuel is a VSCode Extension and CLI tool that allows you to store code snippets and cli commands in the cloud where you can retrieve them in plain english, wherever you might be coding.

BitFuel is not autocomplete - we built it on top of strong natural language understanding routines that learn your commands as they are unique to you and the way you describe things. Autocomplete engines suffer from learning the patterns of the masses on the web in a web crawl - the same problem you have when you search the web for a post articulating the command you once remembered.

BitFuel is not an alias - it matches your descriptions intelligently, so you don't need to remember things exactly.

1. Open Source VSCode + CLI

VSCode (Docs)

You can use our VSCode extension to save and retrieve snippets without leaving your text editor.

Visit us on the marketplace to install

Checkout the github repo here

CLI (Docs)

You can use our CLI tool to save and retrieve your commands without leaving the command line.

Install our CLI tool via npm install bitfuel (see us on npm here)

Checkout the github repo here

2. Auth - Generate a token and login (Full Doc)

You only have to login once to use the VSCode Plugin.

Then run bitfuel login in VSCode or the CLI and paste your token

3. Memory Bank - The Commands

bitfuel login - visit your settings page on our website to generate a token unique to your account.

bitfuel save - save your command with a description of what the command means to you.

bitfuel get - provide a description of the command you are looking for and retrieve it